TouchbasePC from PanicCam …

The guys at PanicCam have sent us their latest app to review … and I’m very happy they did!

So, what is TouchbasePC all about and why do I like it so much? Well, I don’t know about you but I like to know my kids are ok and I like to know where they are. Trouble is, they don’t like me phoning all the time … that where TouchbasePC comes in.

Incidentally, the name Touchbase pretty much says what it does, the PC just stands for PanicCam.

TouchbasePC presents the user with an array of twelve buttons to quickly and easily send pre-configured text messages to up to two numbers. BUT, more importantly, when it sends the messages, it automatically adds in a link to the users current location!

What that actually means is that my son can press a couple of buttons and I get a message saying ‘I’m ok’ and a Google maps link showing me where he is … fantastic. Unfortunately he also sends me messages saying ‘pick me up’, but hey, that’s parenthood for you.

The app gives you nine green buttons for standard messages and three red buttons for ‘HELP’, ‘Call Police’ etc. and all of the pre-configured messages can be change to whatever you want them to say.

The app is available now on iPhone and Android. The iPhone version makes you go through an extra step to send the message. You just have to press one extra button because it wont let the app send for you, but that’s Apple being Apple. Its still well worth it because the location link is so useful.

A great little app, I love it, my wife loves it, my kids love it. Just search for ‘Touchbase’ on the AppStore or Google Play.