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My-Browser is a new internet browser which massively increases the control you have over you children’s unattended use of the internet. As you would expect, as a parent My-Browser allows you to control what sites your children can visit, but My-Browser goes far beyond this.

In addition to the usual broadbrush site control you have …

  • page level access control
  • control the total time your child is allowed to use not just the browser, but the entire computer
  • control when your child is allowed to use the computer e.g. enter a schedule
  • prevent access to other browsers or any other programs on the computer
  • multiple logons for different children
  • parental password prevents the child from closing the browser

This really does give you total control when you are not around. I have used it to implement a computer curfew. I don’t like the kids to wander off and sit in front of the computer before they go to bed so I have set up a simple schedule which only allows them access at specific times.

I love my kids to use computers to discover the world when I’m around and I can see what they are doing. When I am not there, My-Browser ensures that they still work within my rules. At $14.95 one off payment per computer, I think that’s a good investment!

More details can be found at … My-Browser

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